Production Department

Our production department has been involved in programs such as “Professional Baseball News”, “FIA Formula One World Championships” (Fuji TV), and “Tennis Grand Slam”, “ATP Tour” (WOWWOW).

We also take on live coverage of “B. LEAGUE,” the Japanese professional basketball league, ever since its founding period. Other major projects include live coverage of Japanese National Basketball games, as well as Chiba Lotte Marines’ professional baseball games.

“Professional Baseball News” is known for its long history of deep and thorough coverage of baseball news, achieving high acclaims from both fans and those in the baseball industry.

Programs such as “FIA Formula One World Championships” and “Tennis Grand Slam” are broadcasted from abroad. Our production team travel both nationally and internationally to capture the exciting moments to send out to our audience.

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Filming Department

Our filming department is a professional crew that specializes in the operation of ENG (Electronic News Gathering) cameras. With high mobility, we cover everything from sports news, live broadcasting, and informational programs.

We are involved in all kinds of sports programs, including baseball, soccer, golf, and basketball games. Action filming using motorcycle is also our strong point, often useful for marathon and bicycle races.

Equipped with different types of drones, Tokyo Film Mate has been involved in aerial filming of numerous sports events and on-location shootings. We offer a variety of machines and shooting methods upon request. (Please refer to the Drone Business Page for details)

We cover Olympic Games, World Cups, sports documentary programs, events and beyond.

What goes on at the forefront of all games, whether it is joy, excitement, regret, or tears, there is always an unscripted human drama within sports scenes.

Whether from a stadium or an arena, we are always there to capture and convey the exciting atmosphere of the forefront.

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Editing Department

Editing plays a key role in the production of a TV program.

While the production team designs the blueprint, the filming team creates the components, which the editing team assembles into the finished product. Hence, the editing department takes charge of the final stage of production.

Our editing department is in the sports editing room in Fuji TV, as well as in our Aoyama Production Office . We edit a variety of sports programs, sometimes traveling to both national and international sites for live editing.

With the help of modern technology and our long-standing experience, our mission is to finalize the production that would touch the heart of all sports fans out there.

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